Friday, 3 December 2010

SURVEY!!!! suka suki!!!

Only Type in one Word
Your Lover::YOSEOB???
Your Hair::SECRET~
Your Mother::LOVING
Your Father::CARING
Your Favorite Item::DIARY!!!!!!
Your Dream Last Night::YOSEOB!!!
Your Favorite Drink::SKY JUICE
Your Dream Home::PENSION???
The Room You Are In::HURM???
Your Pets::OPSEO~
What You Are Now::STUDENT!!!
Who You Want to be in Ten Years::SUCCESSFUL~
What You Want to be in Ten Years::IN KOREA!!!!!
What You're Not::FEMININ~~
Your Best Friend::MANY!!!!!
One of Your Wishlist Items::CONCERT!!!!
Your Gender::FEMALE
The Last Thing You Did::FACEBOOKING~
What You Are Wearing::SHIRT???
Your Favorite Weather::AUTUMN!!!
Your Favorite Book::HARRY POTTER
The Last Thing You Ate::NASI LEMAK~
Your Life::FUN !!!!!
Favorite article of clothing::SHOES~~
Favorite color::PURPLE
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